In at the deep end…

A key aspect to any good training programme is that it is flexible to allow for changing circumstances and this was well and truly highlighted for me last week.

The ink didn’t even have time to dry on my latest plans before I got a phone call which changed them again.

MW: Alyson, Its Mick Woods. Edinburgh cross country next Saturday, do you want to run for Great Britain.

ME: Mick, are you still drunk from New Year? Me, run XC for GB?!

MW: No, not drunk and yes we want you in the team. You were a reserve and we’ve had a few drop outs.

ME: Erm, ok then, yes I’d love to!

Selection letter

Selection letter

Linking back to my last blog, this would be a perfect example of where having a coach would come in very useful, as I could give them a ring and see if I was doing the right thing.  But not having a coach I accepted.

Many of you may be thinking that I’m crazy and my own worst enemy after what I said about resting and not racing again until March but sometimes you have to grab opportunities with both hands and go with it.

My lack of love for cross country is no secret.  It is definitely not my strong point.  But, at my age, will I ever get the chance to represent GB on the country again? Probably not and that’s me being realistic.

So, if you want a good laugh on Saturday afternoon, tune into BBC1 at 14.00 (Yes it’s live on national TV – no biggy!!) and see me suffer around 6k of what looks like is going to be gale force winds and a mud bath.  This is why I put all the hard work in!!

Start list for my race

Start list for my race

Never give up on your dreams and NEVER let anyone tell you you can’t achieve something.

Carpe Diem

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2 Responses to In at the deep end…

  1. Regardless of previous blogs or when things haven’t gone your way this is a fantastic result to be selected and you should be proud of your performance. Good luck for 2015!

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