A quick update

It’s been a while…
I can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks until this year’s London Marathon, where did that year go?! I bet that there are many of you wishing that you could push the date back and have another couple of weeks to get the miles in?! There will also be a few who wishes it was here this weekend. Whichever camp you are in be sensible these next few weeks, this is where most people make the mistakes. They either worry that they haven’t done enough so try to cram more in or are in great shape but instead of just consolidating this shape they try to push on more to get in better shape. Both ways can end in disaster and a not too good race day. So my advice is to just stick to what you have planned. It’s far better to get to the startline slightly undercooked than slightly overcooked or even worse, don’t even make it to the startline. Whatever you do in training now wont give you any extra fitness benefit for the marathon but it can push you over that dangerous redline of injury and or overdoing it so sit back relax and trust in the training that you have banked. These last few weeks are for practicing what you will actually do on race day. So for your last long run, get up at the same time you will on race day. Have the same breakfast at the same time. Wear the same kit – including socks, and undies!! And make sure you practice your race nutrition. If you’ve not tried lucozade sport yet, grab some and try it, race day is not the time to discover that it doesn’t agree with your stomach!!
For me, I’m once again training in my 2nd favourite place in the world – Font Romeu. I’ve been up here for a few weeks now and loving it as much as ever. Like the rest of you the hard work is already in the bank, just another week or two of some sharpening and freshening up and I’ll be ready to go.
So far training has gone really well. Since the beginning of the year I’ve averaged 111 miles a week. I spent January in Kenya again. I loved every second of it this year thanks to a great group of guys to train and hang out with. It great to see people actually training together in groups this year instead of everyone doing their own thing like last year. It made the trip so much more beneficial and enjoyable. I changed my training slightly a few times and jumped in with the middle distance girls for some sessions and once again discovered that I am never going to make a 800 or 1500m runner!! But it was fun and beneficial to get some fast 1k, and 400m, 300m, 200m reps done300m, even if I was left flat on my back after!
I’ve been left a bit frustrated with the races I’ve done so far. I know I’m in great shape but it’s just not showing itself in races. Mind, the weather isn’t helping and my glute med going into cramp at Reading wasn’t ideal. But at the end of the day I know what shape I’m in from training and fast races in the build up to a marathon don’t really mean much it’s what happens on the streets of London come the 23rd April that counts and I’d swap all the fast times in the world for a good one that day!
Thankfully it hasn’t all been hard training lately. I’ve managed to do some fun things with family too. I miss out a lot on school holiday fun with my nephew and cousin so during the February half term I York them down to Jump 360 in Stockton and had some fun bouncing around on the trampolines. It’s a brilliant place for both kids and adults – I think my sister had more fun than the kids. There’s lads of different parts to the park, not just trampolines. There’s a giant airbag, dodge ball, balance beam, foam pit, stunt beds and much much more. Unfortunately I couldn’t bounce around too much as I was worried about getting injured but the others loved it and we had to drag the two young ones off! I’ll definitely be taking them back after London so that I can join in with the fun more.

Good luck to everyone running London and also those running Brighton marathon tomorrow.  I’m

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  1. ausone2910 says:

    Best of luck in London. And yes, it’s been a while

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